Indoor Air Quality
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Easy AC AllergensAir Conditioning Florida homes involves so much more than designing a system to simply cool the interior of a building. Quality (not quantity) of cool air is the most important factor when it comes to a successful AC job. Indoor air quality must be considered. When systems are installed incorrectly, the following may occur:

Mold – A dangerous health hazard, mold is a real concern for Floridians due to our humid climate. AC systems that are not correctly calibrated may invite mold growth in a residence, threatening the health of family members and lowering the value of your home.  When moisture levels exceed 60 percent, mold is sure to grow.It is one of the top allegrens in ANY home.

Respiratory Problems – Air that is too dry or too moist can harm delicate nasal passages, resulting in significant respiratory distress and sickness.

Allergens – Some high efficiency units go one step further by eliminating allergens in the air. If you or a family member is sensitive to the presence of dust mites, for example, this is the type of system that could help.Using a dehumidifier regularly can help bring moisture levels back to normal and prevent an increase in respiratory dysfunction such as asthma. It's als oa good idea to have your ducts inspected and cleaned once a year.

You typically can’t smell these toxins in the air so its important to have a professional inspect your AC Unit. Learn more about how you can keep your indoor air quality stellar. Hire Easy AC to install your new system or to service your existing one. There is no need to settle for simply "ok" air.

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