Helpful Tips That Significantly Increase HVAC Efficiency
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Maintain Cleaner In-Home Air Quality

For anyone who owns a home it's always important to make sure you maintain cleaner in-home air quality. Not only is this important for your health but it can also save you money, up to 30% on your current bill in some cases.

There are steps one can take to ensure that you are getting the best possible air-quality. The first thing any homeowner should look for are air leaks in the home. Leaks mean your delicious cool air is being enjoyed by your neighborhood and not contained in your home.

Leaks typically occur around:

After you check for leaks and make the necessary repairs through insulation, replacement, or blocking the leaks entirely, we have a few more tips to increase your A/C system’s efficiency (and these are free!!)

Clean your Vents and Remove Blockages

Vacuum your vents and wipe down your vent covers. Removing debris and dust will allow for more free-flowing air to enter your room and your system won’t have to work as hard. Also, make sure blinds, toys, and furniture aren’t blocking your vents. These blockages will place undue stress on your system.

If it’s been a while, consider a duct cleaning as well.

Clean Your Condensor Unit

Go outside and check that your unit is free from debris, plants, and other obstructions much the same way you checked your vents. Pull away weeds and other growth. A more in-depth cleaning can be performed by a professional if your system appears to be very clogged.

Keep Heat Away

Your thermostat is very sensitive in 2-3 foot radius. If you have a heat source such as a lamp or sun that hits it directly in the afternoons, it may give a reading that is much warmer than your room is. This will cause your air conditioner to kick on unnecessarily and no one needs that during a Florida summer.

A trick most Floridians learn quickly that also keeps the heat at bay is pulling your drapes or blinds to keep the sun from coming in and warming up your rooms. The Florida sun is very powerful and it can easily bring your room temperatures up ten degrees (or more) over the course of a day.

Bonus Tip: Replace Your System

This tip, while not free, can save you money in the long run. If your A/C unit is old there’s a good chance it is much less efficient than what is out on the market now. That alone will save you money on your cooling bill. Another way to save money is through energy-efficiency rebates and joining our EZ Breezy Club that saves you 5% on a new system (not to mention 10% on repairs and free semi-annual maintenance to ensure your system is running efficiently.).

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