Winter Wonderland Woes: Why Winter Makes Indoor Air Quality Intolerable
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Why Winter Makes Indoor Air Quality Intolerable

How often do you think about indoor air quality? In the winter, your home is kept cozy with closed windows, doors, and insulated attics. This creates a seal that keeps the temperature where you want it. But what’s in that air? Do you know?

Keeping indoor air quality healthy for you and your loved ones is particularly important during this time where it can get infused with pollutants — and become intolerable.

Knowing the sources of potential contaminants inside the home and how to improve your indoor air quality will give you the peace of mind that you need to breathe easy all year long. Read more to find out these sources, the effects of poor indoor air quality, and what Easy A/C can do to help.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants in the Home

The identification of potential sources is the first step. There are a wide variety of pollutants that can exist inside your home and zeroing in on them will help you to improve your indoor air quality.

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