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Easy AC’s up-front AC repair pricing means you know the cost before the work starts.

It’s pretty common practice for air conditioning repair companies in Tampa Bay to bill their services at an hourly rate.

While that might sound reasonable enough at first, beware. Companies that bill by the hour have an incentive to stretch the work out as long as they can. They’ve also got an incentive to lowball you on the initial estimate - only to hand you a much bigger bill when the work’s done, claiming that it took longer than they’d originally anticipated.

With Easy AC, that never happens. We quote you a fixed price and we stick to it - no matter what. If we happen to underestimate the length of time it’ll take to repair your air conditioner, well, that’s our mistake - not yours. And you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

We’ve built our business on fixing it right the first time. And we’ll get your repairs done right too.

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