Stay Cool & Comfortable: Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist
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Want to stay cool and comfortable all year long? Placing a priority on HVAC preventative maintenance will not only do that for you and your family, but it will make your system last longer. It will also save you money on major repairs that can be prevented — and on your utility bills.

Several components work together to produce the cool air you need in Florida and the best strategy for keeping them running correctly year-round is scheduling regular HVAC maintenance with a reputable HVAC company in Tampa.

Wondering what to expect during your visit? Check out our HVAC maintenance checklist to help you out.

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✔ HVAC Maintenance Checklist: Indoor Components

1. Air Filters

Important for internal air quality and to keep your system running efficiently, clean air filters are your HVAC system’s (and your) best friend. Changing them out every three months (or more if you have a lot of furry pets) is recommended.

2. Ductwork

Since your ductwork is the carrier of that cool air all over the house, it should be inspected to make sure it doesn’t have any leaks. Attics and basements can be particularly notorious areas where ductwork can be compromised. Easy A/C provides affordable duct cleaning services too, where we’ll vacuum and spot brush all your ductwork — giving you peace of mind that the air you are breathing is coming through clean ducts.

3. Indoor Unit Exterior

The shell of the indoor HVAC unit should be clean and free of accumulated dust or grime for proper operation.

4. Combustible Material

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to HVAC maintenance. Check for any type of combustible material that could be anywhere near the unit and remove it.

5. Blower & Burner Assemblies

hvac maintenance blower & burner assemblies

The blower wheel and motor, as well as the burner assembly, should be kept clean for both safety and operational purposes. The blower should always have appropriate airflow. Sometimes, the burner assembly needs to be adjusted. A professional HVAC maintenance tech has the skills and tools to take care of this.

6. Electrical Components & Ignition System

There are several different parts that compose the electrical system of your HVAC unit. These include the electrical disconnect box as well as various wire connections. Since the unit has moving parts, connections should be checked and tightened if needed. The ignition system should also be checked and adjusted — a critical component of getting the cool air moving.

7. Evaporator Coil

Inspecting the evaporator coil is another important part of overall HVAC preventative maintenance. The drain pan is checked, and the components are cleaned and replaced as needed. In addition, the drain lines are typically flushed and treated for algae. Making sure everything is working and clean, while checking for leaks, helps with air quality inside the home too. Leaking drain lines can lead to mold which can cause health problems to you or your family members.

8. Heat Exchanger and Heating Elements

For the few months in Florida that you do need to turn on the heat, the exchanger and elements need to be in good operating order to do the job. The last thing you want is to not get any cozy warm air when you need it. These should be checked for any damage and replaced with intact ones if needed.

9. Flue System

Similar to a fireplace, your HVAC system has a flue that should be inspected. Because of the moving parts, it can have issues sometimes with integrity and attachment. It should also be checked for any corrosion.

10. Safety Devices and Gas Leaks

Continuing on the mantra of “Safety first!” — All safety devices that are on your particular indoor unit should be checked. Also, if your HVAC unit uses gas for fuel, it is very important to check for any leaks.

✔ HVAC Maintenance Checklist: Outdoor Components

11. Fan, Motor, & Blades

The indoor and outdoor components work together to keep your home cool and comfortable. A good check of these parts, with lubrication and a tension check on the belt too, will keep your unit running when you need it.

12. Cabinet & Surrounding Area

hvac maintenance cabinets and surrounding areas

The outdoor cabinet should be kept clean and in good shape. Sometimes a limb can fall down and damage it. Also, dust and debris can build up too. It needs space to do have good air flow. Keep a good 3-4 ft. clearance around the unit from weeds or nearby bushes.

13. Coils

These can get blocked with twigs and leaves too. If the coils are kept clean, they will last longer and perform better.

14. Control Box

The “brain” of the unit, the control box should always be a part of HVAC preventative maintenance. With typically a circuit board/s, wiring, and other important parts, this “brain” is critical for proper functioning.

15. Refrigerant

The air going through your house isn’t helping unless it is cool, right? The refrigerant needs to be at the right level (not too little or too much), to keep you cool and comfortable in the often sweltering heat in Florida.

16. Tubing & Compressor

If you have a damaged compressor, that can lead to failure of the unit. The volt and amperage draw should be at the right levels too. An inspection of that, as well as the tubing and wire connections, is all part of the twice a year check.

✔ HVAC Maintenance Checklist: During Operation

The rest of the checklist encompasses things that need to be inspected while your system is running.

17. Odors, Carbon Monoxide, & Gas Pressure

hvac maintenance odors, carbon monoxide, & gas pressure check

Any strange odors emanating from your HVAC are a warning sign of trouble. On the flip side, carbon monoxide is odorless but can be dangerous. Any evidence of these, as well as making sure the gas pressure is correct in the line and manifold, should be inspected and addressed by a certified technician.

18. Thermostat, Startup, & Shutoff

Is your HVAC unit starting right away and shutting off properly? How is your thermostat? These basic functions should be examined too. You also may want to consider a new thermostat if yours is really old. The new ones can really help with efficiency.

19. Vents

Vents should be checked to make sure they aren’t blocked.

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