Summer Heat in Florida: How to Stay Cool & Not Overwork Your AC
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summer temperature in Florida how not to overwork your air conditioner

Every summer, our Tampa AC repair company receives many calls about systems that are not working adequately. We get it: staying cool in Florida is serious business.

Sometimes when people call, though, their system is actually performing as best it can, given the circumstances. Unfortunately, your AC has the most trouble doing its job when the summer temperature in Florida is at its most unbearable – because AC systems are actually not engineered to handle 95° or 100° days. Rather, they are designed for less extreme temperatures and are intended to reduce the temperature by up to 20 degrees.

What do you do if your AC cannot keep you cool when the heat is at its most unbearable? To lower the temperature without straining your system, there are a variety of steps you can take – with nine top methods covered below in two categories. After covering those techniques, we will look at whether heat is the culprit or if you do, in fact, need emergency AC repair.


4 Ways to Use Your Fan to Keep Your Home Cool & Give Your AC A Break

While many of the strategies you can use to keep cool without overburdening your HVAC system are not directly related to cooling equipment and technology (see below section), many are. Here is what you can do with fans and your AC to get down the temperature when it’s a scorcher:

1. Blast fans and add ice.

You want to turn on all your fans throughout the house, both the overhead ones and any others you own. To strengthen your impact, put some ice in a roasting pan and set it in front of an oscillating fan. This technique will provide a cool mist as the ice melts.

2. Create a cross-breeze.

To combat the summer temperature in Florida, generate a cross-breeze with a fan set up straight across from a window. To get even better air circulation, introduce additional fans throughout the room.

3. Upgrade to a smart thermostat.

If you can get more efficient with your thermostat, you can cut not just your cooling costs but also your heating costs by as much as 10 percent. You can boost efficiency and help relieve some of the strain from your HVAC system with the controls provided by a smart thermostat. These high-tech devices include elements such as motion sensors to determine when you are home and even analysis of the local weather. With these programmable gadgets, you can use cooling when you need it and allow the house to get hotter when you are asleep or away.

4. Replace your air filter.

At least twice a year, you want to install a new air filter. This simple tactic will allow you to create smoother airflow. When filters have not been changed in a while, your AC will have to work harder. Not only will you not be able to cool your home nearly as fast, but you can also cause parts to fail (such as evaporator coils and blower fans).


Other Ways To Help Out Your AC On Sweltering Days

There are many other strategies you can use beyond implementing fans and optimizing your HVAC system:

1. Take cold baths or showers.

If your AC is not keeping up with the high summer temperature in Florida, you may feel you are overheating – and cooling off could be urgent. In that case, a rapid solution is to take your body to the other extreme with a cold bath or shower. Even just putting a little water on your face and dunking your feet into cold water can help if you are short on time. Be sure to wet your hair; if you leave it wet, you will continue to feel cooler for the next couple hours.

2. Drink water.

Quench your thirst with H2O. If the taste is too bland for you, put some fresh fruit in with the water. That natural flavor enhancer is far preferable to switching to soda, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, or lemonade, which are dehydrating. Throughout the day, you want to have a minimum of a half-gallon of fluids, with the primary focus on water (although fruit juice, tea, milk, milk alternatives, sports drinks, and coconut water are also hydrating).

3. Sleep alone, spread-eagle.

While picturing yourself lying alone on a bed with your arms and legs outstretched may sound ridiculous, it is advisable when the summer temperature in Florida rises. Sleeping without a partner and in this position helps airflow around you and decreases your body heat.

4. Grill and slow-cook.

Backyard grilling is a great way to achieve cooling efficiency since your oven can generate a huge amount of heat. For indoor cooking, turn on your range hood fan and use slow-cookers as much as possible.

5. Cut the lights and grab the candles.

Whether you are using energy-efficient CFL light bulbs or not, your lights will emit heat. The good news is that the days are longer in the summer, so you do not need to turn them on as much, utilizing the sunlight instead. Try to limit the amount you use your lights in the evenings, a great excuse for a candlelight dinner.

6. Keep the sun at bay.

While the sun can help with lighting, it can also be a temperature issue. You can save on your expenses and make your AC system happy by putting up window coverings that block the heat but still allow in the light.

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