AC Installation: Why You Need to Hire an AC Company
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If you live in Florida, your air conditioning system plays a very important role in your comfort. It also won’t last forever. Eventually, all AC systems need to be replaced. You might also decide to replace your current system simply because you want to upgrade to a newer, more efficient option.

Regardless of your reasons for switching to a new air conditioner, be sure to hire professionals to perform the actual AC installation. The following are key reasons this isn’t a DIY job:

5 Reasons to Hire An AC Company to Install Your New Unit

1. Avoid Future Expenses

An air conditioner doesn’t merely consist of the individual unit. It is made up of many components, all of which must be installed properly to ensure the system operates as intended.

The air conditioner must be securely connected to the ducts. If it isn’t, leaks can develop. The AC system will need to use more power to keep your home cool as a result, which will quickly lead to high energy bills. Additionally, the air conditioner will go through major wear-and-tear, reducing its overall lifespan.

This doesn’t need to be the case. Hire a qualified AC company to handle your AC installation, and you’ll avoid what could otherwise be very expensive bills.

2. Avoid Common Mistakes

The right air conditioner for one home is not necessarily the right air conditioner for another home. Your AC unit needs to be the right size for your house to serve its purpose effectively. If it’s too small, it won’t cool the home thoroughly. If it’s too large, it will use more energy than necessary and could be prone to cycling on and off too frequently.

This is another avoidable cost. It’s also another reason to leave your AC installation needs to the pros. They’ll make sure you’re getting the right system for your needs, calculating the appropriate size based on various factors, including the size of your home, how many people live in the house, etc.

3. Save Time and Money

Installing an air conditioner system is often a complicated process. If you don’t have the proper experience, you could very easily make errors. As a result, installing your AC replacement will take far longer than you may have expected.

It’s also worth noting that AC installation jobs often require the use of specialized tools. There’s a good chance you don’t have all the tools and equipment you need for this task. While you could purchase it, doing so would involve spending money on tools that are unlikely to get much use in the future. You will also need to find space to store those tools in your home. That reduces the amount of storage space you have for true necessities. Save yourself from future headaches by hiring an AC company to install your AC replacement instead.

4. Stay Safe

Don’t underestimate the potential dangers involved in AC installations. Depending on the nature of the project, there could be numerous potential hazards you haven’t considered.

AC installation jobs often involve performing delicate work with heavy machinery and equipment atop precariously balanced ladders, which can be dangerous. That said, you also need to consider that installing an air conditioner may involve potential exposure to such harmful chemicals as AC refrigerant. If you are exposed to these chemicals without the necessary protection, a medical emergency could result.

It’s important that you take all necessary steps to prevent this from happening. The best way to do so is to simply hire a professional AC company to address your AC installation needs.

5. Keep Your Warranty

Again, AC installation is often more complex and time-consuming than you might have initially assumed. If you don’t have professional experience, you may accidentally damage your system in the process, which could result in a voided warranty. In many cases, manufacturers will void the warranty if a customer tries to perform a technical task (such as installing the air conditioner) without enlisting the help of a professional AC company. Of course, even if your warranty doesn’t dictate that you must hire an AC company to perform your installation, doing so is still key to guarding against accidental damage.

Luckily, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, finding the right team for your AC installation job is easy. Easy A/C is thrilled to offer our services to homeowners throughout the region. To learn more about scheduling service, contact us online today.

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