Why You Should Repair Your AC Before Winter
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Why You Should Repair Your AC Before Winter

In Florida, if your AC goes out in Spring or Summer, you’re probably scrambling for a 24-hour AC technician. But if it went out in late fall you may be thankful that it happened when it was less needed.

In fact, a lot of people whose air conditioners go out at that time figure they’ll wait until spring to get it fixed. That’s not a wise idea. Here’s why:

No One Knows When Spring Will Arrive

In the Tampa Bay area, no one knows when warmer weather will hit. Some years we use our AC all through winter, others not until March, but there’s no way of predicting it. You don’t want to have a broken AC when that warm weather comes back and you’re scrambling to find reliable AC repair at the same time as everyone else.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Think of your AC as a marathon runner. It goes and goes, ¾ of the year down here. When the action stops and the race is over (temporarily), it’s time to look at everything and make sure the runner (or AC in this case) is up to the next challenge. Regular air conditioning maintenance ensures that. Checking your unit in the late fall also helps you avoid the waits that come in the spring when things heat up again.

In addition to extending the life of your unit, regular AC maintenance is also important because some manufacturer warranties require it. Without yearly maintenance by a certified technician, your warranty could be voided. No one wants that.

Dirty Outdoor Condenser Coils

When there’s a lot of pollen, dust, foliage, or debris from summer storms around your unit, the outdoor condenser coils can become dirty and blocked. Even your lawnmower, and what it spits out (ever notice how much dirt and sand it can kick up?), can junk up your coils.

Your unit needs adequate airflow. Make sure all foliage is trimmed back at least 2 feet from it. While it’s tempting to plant decorative grasses and plants next to it, to hide some of its bulk, you don’t want to as it will reduce air flow. Getting the unit serviced right before the Florida growing season will also ensure the unit’s best performance come spring.

Check Your Condensate Drains

This one’s a big problem in Tampa Bay area air conditioners. With so much humidity in our air, not to mention all sorts of little creatures looking to get some respite from the hot sun, we often experience clogged condensate drains. When this happens leaks form.

Sometimes the leaks are in areas we don’t even realize until they become big problems like leaking onto wooden rafters in the garage, for instance. You don’t want a blocked condensate drain to remain that way through the winter. Not only can leaks form, but the water has to go somewhere. Before that happens, the water will sit and your home will begin to smell. No matter what you do you won’t be able to get rid of that musty fragrance until you clear that pipe.

Don’t wait until spring to have your air conditioner checked by a Tampa Bay AC technician. Call us today at 813-COLD-AIR (265-3247) and schedule your AC maintenance. We serve Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk counties.

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