5 Reasons Why Your AC Bill is out of Control
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5 Reasons Why Your AC Bill is out of Control

It’s not uncommon to have a high electric bill during Florida’s sweltering summers, right? But sometimes bills are so high we’re convinced the meter readings added our neighbor’s numbers to our own. Avoid the frustration and use the following tips to proactively lower your bill before you have to endure a costly surprise.

Older A/C Units are Costlier

If you have an older A/C unit you can be assured it’s not as efficient as what’s on the market now. While replacing it is an initial investment, it will reduce the amount of energy you’re using and lower your energy bills.

Sometimes there are energy efficiency rebates offered by your electric company. Having the electric company come out and perform an energy audit can also produce savings. In the long run, this is worth it.

Fan on the Thermostat

If you have the fan switch on your thermostat activated, you could be costing yourself money you needn’t. For homes where multiple people are turning the A/C on and off, it’s not uncommon for this switch to be inadvertently flicked on. Do your best to discourage people from touching the thermostat. When indoor temps go up and down drastically, or you try to cool the room at the hottest part of the day, you cause your system to work harder, costing you more money.

Invest in a programmable thermostat and set it to warmer temps when you’re not at home and cooler temps when you are. This should not only save you electricity but keep hands off of your thermostat.

An Inefficient A/C Unit

In addition to older units being costlier units, if your A/C has not been serviced recently it could be working harder than it needs to. This inefficiency comes at a price. Routine A/C maintenance is essential to a well-operating system. It allows you to catch issues early before they become major expenses.

Problems with the Ducts

It doesn’t matter how well your air conditioner is working, if the ducts are not carrying the cool air to your rooms, you’re paying for air you’re not feeling. This can be caused by partial blockages, poorly insulated ducts, holes, or disconnects. Have a professional check your ducts for maximum airflow.

Poor Insulation

Your A/C may be a workhorse but with bad insulation in your home the deliciously cool air you’re paying for is going right out the door (literally). A home energy audit by your electric company will suggest ways in which you can improve your insulation for maximum enjoyment of your cool air.

Other areas where you could be losing cool air is through badly caulked doors or windows. Plus many Florida homes have jalousie windows, which are notorious for their leaks.

Cool your home, not the rest of the sunshine state.

If you’d like to know more about how an efficient system can help you save on your electric bills contact Easy A/C today at 813-COLD-AIR (265-3247). Our professional A/C service team will suggest ways to help you cut costs.

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