6 Things That Can Happen to Your AC over the Winter
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6 Things that can happen to your AC over the winter

We had a mild winter this year, even for us.

But with a mild winter, there are still things that happen to your A/C after months of non-use. That’s why an A/C check is important.

Many people think, it was working just fine in the late fall, why wouldn’t it work now? But even during a mild winter, plenty can happen during the months of idleness. Better to know the condition of your unit now, when it’s a pleasant 75 degrees than have it conk out during a 92 degree day in August.

Here are a few things Florida winters can bring:

Vegetation and other Unwanted Growth

It doesn’t take much for things to grow in this climate. A little seed dropped into your unit, or around it, can grow quickly and suffocate your air conditioner if you try running it before you take a look at it.

Make sure your AC unit is clear of debris and plants before operating it for the first time. Take a look inside as well. If weeds are present give them a gentle tug, if they don’t come out easily, you might want to leave it to the service technician when he checks the unit.

Refrigerant Levels

When a system is not used for a while, leaks can go unnoticed. That’s why you want a technician to check your levels of refrigerant, without it your system won’t cool the air. If it’s low, the level can be topped off quickly.

Unwanted Visitors

Even with a mild winter, animals (as well as reptiles and amphibians) are still looking for a home or a place to die. Creatures can crawl into your unit and make it theirs. Even small ones can restrict the airflow across the coils.

Rover Used It When You Didn’t

We’ve mentioned this before, but if you have a male dog who shares the same space as your A/C unit, you’ll want someone to check the coils. Dog urine corrodes and on an older unit, the effect can be degenerative, especially during a dry winter when it is left to bake in the sun. Many homeowners place a small fence or plant shrubbery 2-3 feet from the unit to give Fido a better option than the A/C.


Early spring is one of the most pollen-heavy times of our year, just take a look at the cars. If you don’t turn your AC on early, your unit will be covered with this gunk. This isn’t a problem unless your unit is near a lot of trees and flowers. Your air filter should catch a lot of the allergens but it means you need to check it and change it more often during these high pollen count months. If you don’t, your duct work will begin to get clogged and air flow will be restricted.

Weedwacker Damage

Most homeowners know the importance of keeping an AC unit area free from weeds and clutter. A weedwacker is the fastest way to do this but if you had a landscaping company handling it for you, you might want to check the control wiring. All it takes is someone turning their head for a moment for damage to be done.

Call Easy AC today to schedule your maintenance appointment. We believe in comfort made easy, so don’t worry about your AC and the effects of winter on it. We’ll take care of it.

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