What to Watch Out For on Your AC Service Invoice
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Concerned about hidden maintenance costs and fees? Finding an AC service company you can trust is essential to feeling confident in the price you pay. You don’t need to worry about whether you’re being charged a fair amount or taken advantage of by an unscrupulous service provider. Here are a few things to watch out for:

Keep Good Maintenance Records

When a technician tells you a part has to be changed, consult your records before agreeing to it. Not only can you see how old that part is by doing so, but if it legitimately must be changed and you’ve done so recently, you need to open up the conversation about why it’s going bad so soon again.


Some companies charge extra for emergency service, and that’s fairly standard, but make sure you aren’t being charged extra twice. If there’s an emergency service charge, that should be the only one. Make sure you’re not also getting charged for a weekend or evening differential as well.

Illegal Fees

If you choose to pay by credit card, you should not be charged a processing fee. Many companies do it. Some charge as much as $8-10, but it’s illegal to do so. Don’t let it go unchecked.

Be Aware of Minimums

Minimum charges on service calls are standard in the industry but multiple hour minimums on a routine check will have you paying way too much. Find out ahead of time what their service call charges are and if they have any minimums in place. Know this before they come out for maintenance.

Truck Charges

If you live in downtown Tampa or downtown St. Pete, or any place where it’s difficult to find parking, some companies will charge a truck/parking charge if they can’t find nearby parking to your residence. It’s an upcharge for inconvenience and added time, but it’s certainly not a good way to keep customers.

Detailed, Written Estimates

The best way to safeguard yourself from shady air conditioning companies is by obtaining a detailed, written estimate before work is conducted. Afterwards, it becomes a he said, she said situation. You’ll claim you didn’t know about the hidden fee. They’ll claim they told you. When it’s in writing, everyone benefits from a clear understanding of the labor charges, parts, and fees. A detailed written estimate also allows you to compare like to like. Without it, one bid may seem lower but may be leaving out a critical piece of the pricing, like labor not included that’s written in the fine print.

If you ask a company for a detailed, written estimate before the job and they refuse to provide it, or try to force you into scheduling something before you get the estimate — assuring you they’ll have the salesperson provide it in the next few days, but they want to make sure they get you on the schedule — walk away. A company that pressures you in any way or refuses to provide an estimate is not one you want to do business with.

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