Air Conditioner Constantly Running: Why an AC Unit Won’t Turn Off
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Your air conditioner plays a significant role in your comfort during the warm summer months.

Your air conditioner plays a significant role in your comfort during the warm summer months. That said, you may not want to run it all the time. Doing so can drive up your energy bills and put the unit through substantial wear-and-tear.

That’s why it can be so frustrating if your air conditioner is constantly running.

There are many reasons an air conditioning unit may run without stopping. Luckily, there are also many solutions when this happens.

They typically involve coordinating with experts. To get the best results from your unit, you need to hire AC repair technicians who know how to diagnose and fix the problem. In the meantime, the following points will help you better understand why your AC is always running.

Clogged Air Filter

Learning to replace an air conditioner filter (and doing so regularly) is essential when you own an AC unit or system. If you don’t replace it often, it can get clogged over time.

It could also be why your air conditioner is running but not lowering temperature. When an air filter gets clogged, the unit needs to work harder to cool the air. If your AC unit is running continuously, check the air filter first to see if it needs to be replaced.

Wrong Central AC Unit Size

A central air conditioning system should cool an entire home without using more energy than is necessary. However, there are instances when a unit is too small for the home in which it's installed. If that's the case, it is likely it will constantly run because it can't reach the desired temperature. Additionally, when an AC unit is always running, it can cause it to break down sooner - costing you in repairs and high energy bills.

It's important to hire trustworthy HVAC repair experts when replacing an air conditioning system. You want to know you're in the hands of experienced, licensed professionals who can help you select the right unit for your home.

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House Leaks

Another reason why your AC may be getting a workout is if you have any spots in your home that may be causing your cold air to leak out. Pay attention to cracks in the walls, areas that need new caulking, or places where weather-seals may have worn down. They may be the reason your air conditioner is running all day. When warm outside air gets into the home, and cold air escapes, your AC 'can't cool your house as intended.

Thermostat Problems

Sometimes the AC itself 'isn't to blame when it 'won't turn off. In some cases, the cause of the problem is related to your thermostat.

It may seem obvious, but you should always check the thermostat when your AC is running all the time. 'It's possible you simply 'haven't adjusted the temperature, or that someone else has adjusted the temperature without telling you.

It's also possible the thermostat is malfunctioning. This may be the case if the AC is effectively cooling the home, but your thermostat simply 'isn't registering the change in temperature. You can determine if this is the nature of the problem by placing a thermometer close to the thermostat, waiting for about two hours, and returning to check it.

If the temperature is at or close to the temperature you set, and your AC unit is still running, your thermostat is likely to blame.

If you've referred to your owner's manual and can't remedy the problem, contact a professional to help fix the problem.,

Dirty Coils

It’s important to hire air conditioning experts to inspect your system before the extreme hot months hit.

It’s important to hire air conditioning experts to inspect your system before the extreme hot months hit. Doing so could help you avoid problems like a unit that won’t stop running.

For example, over time, the condenser coils in your system can get dirty, reducing the unit’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. Because cleaning them requires professional experience, you should hire an expert if you suspect this is the cause of the problem. Again, however, if you hire an expert for regular AC maintenance, they will likely identify and correct the issue before it impacts your system’s performance.

It’s also worth noting that a full inspection can identify air leaks in your system. Just as leaks in your home can cause an AC unit to run all day, so can leaks in the ductwork and similar components. This is another problem that’s easy to avoid when you stay on top of maintenance and hire professionals to conduct regular inspections.

An Old Unit

No air conditioning system lasts forever. Although proper upkeep can maximize the lifespan of yours, over time, it will need to be replaced.

The older a HVAC system gets, the less efficient it becomes. Therefore, your AC unit can reach a point where it needs to run all the time in order to bring the home temperature down to the desired level.

While you may think replacing your air conditioning system is expensive, in the long run, it’s much less costly than trying to keep an old system working longer than it can. You’ll need to replace the unit eventually. You might as well do so before you’re forced to pay high energy and repair bills because it won’t stop running.

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