What Not to Do When Your AC Goes Out

What Not to Do When Your AC Goes Out

It’s hot in the Sunshine State, especially when your AC goes out. We get it. People get desperate from the heat and they figure it’s next to impossible to get an AC technician out on short notice. While that’s not true of Easy AC, we see a lot of “home remedies” that people concocted as they’re waiting for our competition. While these fixes may provide a little levity at first, some of them can be quite dangerous.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You AC Goes Out

First, don’t panic. It seems like a very serious situation, and it can be, but Easy AC can have a technician out to you quickly because we have people on call around the clock.

In the meantime, don’t try any of these things:

  1. Opening Your Freezer and Blowing Cool Air Out

  2. While not dangerous at first, the longer you keep the freezer door open, the more the contents inside are prone to melt. When they do, water will drip and it can short out your fan, creating dangerous shock potential. Water and electricity just aren’t good together. Not to mention most freezers aren’t made to stay open longer than 30 seconds at a time.

    Leaving the door open places a lot of stress on your freezer. You’ll also ruin your frozen food for no reason because you can’t cool your entire home this way. Trust us.

  3. Start Taking Apart Your AC

  4. Many people begin troubleshooting on their own assuming the wait for an AC technician will be long. In our case, we often end up putting things back together before they do. Unless you have some good strong background in AC maintenance and wiring, avoid the desire to disassemble your unit. It may be hard to sit and wait for a fix but it will likely save you time and money from doing it yourself.

    Even when you do know what you’re doing, taking an old unit apart my cause brittle and worn pieces to break and there’s not much you can do at that point until help arrives.

  5. Take a Sledgehammer to the Unit

  6. Seriously. This never works. Don’t do it.

  7. Duct Tape the Lines Back Together Again

  8. A common issue we see is AC lines and pipes that have been severed by a weed wacker. Often, someone realizes the mistake and tapes it back up again then calls us out. It’s cool. Mistakes happen but don’t pretend your dog did it. Their lack of opposable thumbs and fur-covered paws make using duct tape very difficult. It’s completely unsafe for canines no matter how much Rover wants to help.

  9. Duct Taping Fans Anywhere

  10. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. People come up with some inventive ways to cool their houses including duct taping fans to ceilings. Just not a good idea. Ask Isaac Newton how that will end and he was only dealing with an apple.

These are things you shouldn’t do when your AC goes out but what should you do? Check out these suggestions on what to do when your AC is broken and what to do while waiting for an AC technician.

Easy AC has technicians on call around the clock. We can come out and check your unit faster than you can take it apart and put it back together. We’re here when you need us.

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